We pick it. We make it. We drink it!

Real juice. Gluten free. Fruit cider.

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Made with: Crisp & delicious apples
real juice, gluten free, fruit cider
Four Berries
Made with: Crisp apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & blackcurrants
real juice, gluten free, fruit cider


Eden was created by four friends, w​ho share a passion for quality cider and cider making. With one being a fruit farmer, the idea was born to create the ultimate session fruit ciders, making it out of 100% whole fruit only.

Made for the new world of cider drinkers, with honesty, integrity and simplicity. Our focus on quality, naturally!

Our apples are grown here on the farm in Sussex and farms near by, picked by us. We then press them on site and cold ferment them using their own natural yeast. This takes a long time, between 3-4 months, but allows the whole ripe fruit flavours and aromas to develop properly.

Using age old cider making techniques, with natural and fresh ingredients, we craft Eden Fruit Ciders with new world thinking. This helps us to create the ultimate natural, gluten free, crisp and refreshing cider.

We then drink them...

We love cider

  • Cider is awesome

    Crisp, refreshing, natural and with a few bubbles. The ultimate refreshing drink.

  • Simplicity

    Keeping it simple works, 100% whole fruit, time and passion... simples

  • We care!

    We care about our nature and environment. That's why we don't spray our trees! We also care about a sustainable Britain, that's why our apples are always British. Our heritage is very important to us and cider is a big part of that. We want to take the best from the past and bring it in to the future.

  • Naturalist or Naturist

    We use all natural ingredients, just like in the garden of Eden. Though we do this with our clothes on....mostly!

  • We want a WOW!

    We have gone with strong vibrant colours, scientifically proven to make people happier and smile more! We have added white for the purity of the ingredients too.

  • Sharing is caring

    There’s no snobbery and certainly no pretentious attitudes to our cider. We make great cider for whoever wants to drink it. A new craft cider for a new craft world.

Made with: Super delicious fruit, no added rubbish and lots of awesome power!

real juice, gluten free, fruit cider

Our process

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